Thursday, October 13, 2011

Feel Free to Make Yourself at Home

Hello and Welcome!
I'd like to give you the same introduction that I crafted for Zack Galifinakas...
Hello! My name is Angela. I am a pre-medical student at the University of Michigan. 
I met a man once whose advice to me was to formulate a 15 word sentence about myself that I could ramble off whenever asked, "So tell me about yourself." As if any 15 word sentence can sum up any individual. If you ask me, it would be much more effective to show a picture to introduce yourself. They ARE worth 1000 words. But, here is a new sentence to introduce myself. Similarly accurate, but possibly more relevant. 
I love tigers and flannel. I am slightly neurotic. If I could, I would visit the Mariana Trench. 
I had a thought today. Only one single thought which occupied me all day. It was particularly disturbing and curious...

It came to me right before I had class when I stopped in the restroom in my lecture building. I noticed on the bathroom stall wall (which I am sure anyone who has used a public bathroom has noticed something similar) a message in permanent marker. It read, "Do you ever feel like you are missing out? Like everything good is happening somewhere else?" May I also add that someone had the nerve to further isolate this individual's desperate inquiry with a bold "NO!" Some one else wrote, "I would do anything to get my boyfriend back." 

Now, I would like to address this issue. First, I pity the lonely bathroom goer hoping to find a personal connection with another lonely bathroom goer within the comfort of a stall. Furthermore, what kind of society are we living in where people look to the bathroom stall for conversation? Facebook and Twitter are not very intimate, so I guess I can see where they are coming from. The bathroom stall is much more inviting. Lastly, these messages and questions are not just scribbled in public restrooms, but in libraries, subways, carved in tables at restaurants...Why the desperation? Do these anonymous inquiries and confessions expect a response? or just get it off their chest?  

And here I am vaguely introducing myself and asking you fellow bloggers for a response...
So here's to you, bathroom scrawlers, seekers, and solitaries.