Monday, December 5, 2011

Phil Collins

About 5 years ago, my father went to the Genesis concert and brought me back a black shirt with Genesis encrusted in blue and silver diamonds on the front. It never appealed to me until this past friday when I came home inebriated and tired. It was the chosen shirt for my drunken slumber. And during the night, my mind was flooded by dreams of Phil Collins and Genesis. The next morning, I decided that the shirt is much more powerful than I initially gave it credit for.

In lieu of my t-shirt, my friend and room mate, Ella, decided to dedicate the following Saturday to Phil Collins. In his honor, we acquired his full discography and blasted it through the halls of my dormitory on my larger than life speakers. I folded laundry while listening to Phil for as long as I could resist dancing. And then we danced. Sang. and made rum pineapple mixed drinks. It was a glorious beginning to what would later become an amazing yet unfortunately forgettable night.

With two of our friend's 21st birthday parties to attend we decided to stop at D Nug's apartment first where there was delicious Latin American dishes, a lot of good people, and chill music. We ate. Mingled. laughed. and raised our glasses to Phil Collins. And of course played phone roulette. We rolled out at about 11:00 to head to our friend Chris' Birthday party..which would prove to be a little more "rowdy" perhaps.

At Chris', there was a lot of jungle juice, beer, beer pong and flip cup, Katy Perry, and gay men. We danced and drank the night away...almost a little too literally. We decided to leave Chris's early, for unknown reasons. Got back to home by 1:00 and then our night of the unforgettable begun.

There is a period of 2 hours which we both do not recall...whether it was because we weren't doing anything or we were blacked out, it is uncertain. But from 3:00 to 3:30 I found myself locked out of the room talking with my Brazilian neighbor and pounding on the door to be let back in. Meanwhile, Ella was sitting in the room on her bed. Annoyed at my knocking and under the impression that it was one of the boys from down the hall. And so she consciously ignored it in hopes that it would go away. While wandering up and down the hall in search for some help, I finally found my friend David who took care of business by pounding on the door. Ella, then realized I was not in the room. And was probably locked out and that the knocking had in fact been me. Upon getting back into the room, we both fell asleep immediately. Thus, our night of Phil Collins came to an end.

So for those of you who doubt the power of Phil Collins, remember my experiences of the nights at the beginning of December. His eminence is overwhelming and not something to be toyed with, but it should be appreciated in respectful Genesis-kind of way.