Monday, December 19, 2011

Peacocks and Ambrosia

Woke up early this morning after being haunted by french dreams which is still better than waking up in a hot sweat after having an army of albino peacocks wielding daggers at me. The french nightmares successfully got me out of bed because I kept sleeping when I should have been studying for my french exam which I had this morning.

Right now I am in the basement of Ambrosia studying for Biology which will probably haunt my dreams tonight. Water and sugar transportation in vascular plants, how the body deals with stress, and the kidney. Thrilling and completely unrelated. Somewhat like my life.

Before sitting down to study, I ordered a black coffee and a vegan cookie. I then put a splash of soy milk in my coffee. It was too full for me to carry down stairs so I started quickly sipping it so I could settle in and begin studying. Upon walking downstairs I noticed that it had accumulated milky snowflakes which floated around and gently settled on the bottom of the glass. The bottom of my glass seemed to be getting thicker and thicker and turning into a solid. This is generally not what my coffee looks or does, but it made me feel nauseous thinking about how many flakes I had just drank. I got a new one which I refrained from putting milk in...but I still don't trust it.

The cookie was delicious.