Monday, June 25, 2012

The Mighty Huron Earns It's Name

Summer is the time for adventures, and if there is anyone who enjoys a grand adventure of riveting discovery and more than likely mishap, it is Ella and I. Unfortunately we are both taking spring semester classes and haven’t been able to adventure as much as we would have liked to, but we’ve still managed to have enough to hold us over until the end of classes. 

After my second spring term exam we went down a nearby river, which is all natural, but also shallow and the river floor is ridden with rocks so sharp and pointed, I mistook them for arrow heads at first. 
Ella was in charge of going to Meijer and buying floats for us so that we could of course float down the river. Like any college student would do, she bought the cheapest tube and raft she could find. For her, a tube built for a toddler for herself, and for me, a raft built for a runway model. To say the least we were off to a good start. 
Considering I didn’t have much experience with the Huron River, my biggest fear was not being able to stay on my raft, because I presumed the Huron would have a strong current and possible rough water, due to my experience (as a rower), on many-a-rivers. I was astounded at how peaceful the Huron appeared to be. The current was gentle, the waters were shallow and clear, overall seeming to be a serene river. But I should not have let my guard down so quickly. Little did I know, jagged teeth like that of an Orca whale composed the river basin. Something between the mouth of a saw-fly and a saw itself! Within 5 minutes of floating down the river, the treacherous river gnawed and gnashed at my raft, leaving my butt exposed only to taunt the hungry beast. I scrambled up to grab an extra tube which my friend brought along. Blew it up swiftly with the help of another friend. And lunged back onto the river with a tube under my belly. The rest of the float down the river was smooth sailing, but every now and then, I could feel the snarling teeth of the river lurch up and try to snatch at my knees.
For those who think the Huron is a tranquil river of crystal waters, go to it and experience it yourself. It is of the most dangerous that I have experienced. And I stand by it. But if you are looking for a thrill, I recommend it!

*Please note: If you are planning to float down the Huron, dish out a little more than $3.99 for a raft or inner tube. It is the only thing separating you from the river. 

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  1. $3.99?! Times are hard, I don't have that kind of money to throw around. Instead, I've stopped all physical activity and am hoping to be fat enough to float on my own by next summer.